Gluten Free Foods Online In India

As people are becoming more conscious about what they eat, the demand for gluten free foods is increasing. Gluten is naturally occurring but it can be extracted and added to our food to add flavor, texture, and protein. Gluten is a group of proteins in cereals such as wheat and barley and is known for causing inflammation and gut problems for many people. In some, Gluten can trigger severe autoimmune symptoms or other undesirable reactions. Gluten free food has become the need of the hour and in response many gluten free food options are available now. One can find gluten free food in great variety online in India. Gluten free food is healthy, a treat to tastebuds, and does not burn a hole in your pocket. Moreover, choosing healthier food options elevates the overall standard of life. Going gluten free means numerous health benefits. To name a few – Elevated energy levels, no more bloating and gut pains, improved bone health, relief in joint pains, etc. Specially, for people with celiac disease and other gluten-stimulated disorders, gluten free food is the ultimate way of life. And now more than ever before, low on gluten & gluten free food is available in great variety that too at ease of your homes, only a click away!

Buy the Best Low on Gluten Food at Reasonable Prices

A common misconception is that going gluten free is pretty expensive. To bust this myth, we have come up with gluten free food options at reasonable prices. You may think about what options you have if you want to incorporate a strict gluten free diet into your daily life. If you wish to go gluten free and live a happier, healthier life you must try our wide range of gluten free & Low on Gluten foods. Our sprouted foods like sprouted ragi, almond, and date porridge mix is a great option for any of the three main meals of the day. If you wish to spice things up a bit our Multi millet noodles(low on Gluten), finger millet noodles(Low on Gluten), pearl millet noodles(Low on Gluten), barnyard millet noodles(Low on Gluten), etc. make up for the perfect option. If you’re a South Indian lover you just can not miss out on the following Dosa Mixes(Low on Gluten)– Multi millet dosa mix, Cholam/Jowar/Great Millet dosa mix, Kambu pearl millet dosa mix. The list just goes on! Of course, no meal is complete without the sugar rush and for that, you can delve into our Vegan Ragi Laddu and Organic Bajra Laddu. No matter what your cravings are you can fulfill all of them with our wide and affordable range of Low on gluten food options. 

Buy Low on Gluten & Gluten Free Food Online At Rootz Organics

Rootzorganics strive to provide you with the best and varied options for gluten free foods online. Bloating and inflammation caused by gluten intolerance may not seem serious at the start but eventually, it makes you weaker and can affect your energy levels big time. Switching to Gluten free foods(whole millets & millet flours ) is the best bet ever. Millets are superfoods that are rich in nutrients and are naturally free of gluten. We have carefully and consciously curated different ranges options made from Millets (not Gluten free but definitely low on Gluten) which cater to your basic 3-meals-A-day requirement and also go beyond that.  When having a meal prepared from millet you can be sure of your daily nutrient needs being catered to. At we believe in giving back to the community and leading a sustainable life. That is why we bust any myth there is about healthy life choices. Our goal is for you to switch to a healthy sustainable life without resistance or any hurdles coming in your way. Achieve your goals regarding high energy levels and better quality of life by adding Low Gluten variants to your meals. Being conscious about your health is one thing but taking those necessary steps is whole another ball game. At Rootzorganics we work deligently to make this transition easy, affordable, and sustainable.