• Kundru/Ivy Gourd 1kg
  • Kundru/Ivy Gourd 1kg

Kundru/Ivy Gourd 1kg

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In its simplest form, organic gardening means gardening without man-made chemicals. Instead of synthetic ingredients, organic gardeners rely on ingredients that occur naturally and that work in harmony with the natural goodness that comes from healthy, productive soil.

You encourage the farmer to grow organically when you buy organic produce ! Lets support such farmers & help them sustain themselves while giving us healthy, clean ,chemical free food !

It has antibacterial properties and is effective in treating bacterial infections. Ivy gourd is used to cure diabetes in Ayurveda medicine. This climber's leaves and stems can be eaten, cooked or added to stews and soups. Improved glucose tolerance has been observed after consuming raw kundru (ivy gourd) leaves.


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