• Organic Cabbage Red -1kg
  • Organic Cabbage Red -1kg

Organic Cabbage Red -1kg

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Organically Grown
Country of Origin: India
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  • Appearance: Red cabbage typically has a round or oval shape with tightly packed leaves that form a dense head. The leaves are deep red or purple in color, often with some variation in shade.
  • Texture: The leaves of red cabbage are crisp and crunchy when raw, and they retain their texture well even after cooking.
  • Taste: Red cabbage has a slightly peppery and earthy flavor, with a hint of sweetness. It is generally milder in taste compared to green cabbage.
  • Nutrient Content: Like green cabbage, red cabbage is low in calories but rich in essential nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, fiber, and antioxidants like anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are responsible for the vibrant red-purple color of the cabbage and offer additional health benefits.


  1. High in Antioxidants: Red cabbage contains powerful antioxidants, including anthocyanins, which help combat oxidative stress and reduce inflammation in the body. These antioxidants may also contribute to a lower risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers.

  2. Heart Health: The fiber, potassium, and antioxidants in red cabbage support heart health by lowering cholesterol levels, regulating blood pressure, and reducing inflammation and oxidative stress in the cardiovascular system. This can help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

  3. Cancer Prevention: The antioxidants and phytonutrients in red cabbage, including anthocyanins, have been associated with a reduced risk of certain types of cancer, including colon, prostate, and breast cancer. These compounds help stimulate the body's natural detoxification processes and protect against DNA damage caused by free radicals.

  4. Digestive Health: Red cabbage is a good source of dietary fiber, which promotes digestive regularity, prevents constipation, and supports a healthy gut microbiome. The fiber also helps reduce the risk of digestive disorders such as diverticulitis and colon cancer.

  5. Immune Support: Red cabbage is rich in vitamin C, which is essential for a healthy immune system. Vitamin C helps stimulate the production of white blood cells, which are the body's first line of defense against infections and illnesses.

  6. Eye Health: The vitamin A and antioxidants in red cabbage support eye health by protecting against oxidative damage and reducing the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. These nutrients also promote good vision and overall eye function.

  7. Weight Management: Red cabbage is low in calories and high in fiber, making it a filling and nutritious addition to weight loss or weight management diets. The fiber helps keep you feeling full for longer periods, reducing overall calorie intake and promoting satiety.

Culinary Uses:

  • Raw: Red cabbage can be shredded and used raw in salads, slaws, and wraps. Its vibrant color adds visual appeal to dishes, and its crunchy texture provides a refreshing contrast.
  • Cooked: Red cabbage can be cooked in various ways, including braising, sautéing, roasting, or stir-frying. It can be added to soups, stews, stir-fries, and casseroles for added flavor, texture, and nutrients.
  • Fermented: Red cabbage is commonly used in traditional fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi, which provide probiotics and additional health benefits for gut health.
  • Pickled: Red cabbage can be pickled with vinegar, sugar, and spices to create a tangy and colorful condiment that pairs well with sandwiches, salads, and meat dishes.

Organic red cabbage is not only visually stunning but also packed with nutrients and health benefits. Incorporating it into your diet can add flavor, color, and nutrition to a variety of dishes while supporting overall health and well-being.


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