• Organic Khapli Suji  Rava Upma Mix 250gm

Organic Khapli Suji Rava Upma Mix 250gm

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Organic Khapli Rava Upma mix or Emmer Rava Upma Mix is made with Pure Organic Khapli wheat grains rava, organic chana dal, organic urad dal, Organic Mustard seeds, Organic Red Chilli. Our Khapli upma mix is ready to make, easy to cook, healthy breakfast, low on gluten breakfast, quick breakfast.
Country of Origin: India
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Discover the Ultimate Breakfast Bliss with Our Emmer Wheat Suji Rava Breakfast Mix!

  • Elevate your mornings to a whole new level of taste and nutrition with our Emmer Wheat Suji Rava Breakfast Mix. We've combined the goodness of Emmer wheat, a revered ancient grain, with the versatility of suji rava to create a breakfast mix that's as delicious as it is wholesome.
  • Emmer wheat, known for its nutty and robust flavor, takes the spotlight in this blend, offering you a truly unique breakfast experience. Suji rava, a fine semolina made from wheat, adds a delightful texture and a quick, easy cooking solution to your mornings.
  • Whether you're in search of a traditional Indian breakfast staple or a modern twist on classic recipes, our Emmer Wheat Suji Rava Breakfast Mix is the perfect choice. It's the ideal balance of tradition and convenience.
  • Indulge in the richness of Emmer wheat, a grain prized for its nutrient density and unique taste. With every spoonful, you'll savor the natural goodness of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that this ancient grain provides.
  • Transform your breakfast routine and make your mornings exceptional with a hearty, nourishing, and delectable breakfast mix that's as easy to prepare as it is delightful to eat. Elevate your breakfast game with our Emmer Wheat Suji Rava Breakfast Mix!"

How to Cook :

  1. Add One measure mix & 2 measures water
  2. Add Salt to taste
  3. Cook for 10 minutes in medium flame & simmer for a few minutes
  4. Serve hot
  5. You can add chopped vegetables to enhance flavour.


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