• Desi Cow Dung Ash-1kg
  • Desi Cow Dung Ash-1kg

Desi Cow Dung Ash-1kg

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100%Natural Desi Cow Dung Ash made from sun drying cow dung from Himalayan Badri Cows. Cow dung ash has been used since ancestral times as one of the natural cleaning agent. Know more
Country of Origin: India
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  • Use it as an healing agent - Mix it with desi cow ghee and apply it on affected areas. It will help cure the wounds.
  • Use it as dishwasher for cleaning specific metals - Chemical free way of washing utensils of clay, copper, steel, etc.
  • Use it as a preservative: Mix handful of ash with neem leaves and add it to pulses and grains. It will protect from bugs.

Ash is used since time ancient times by our ancestors. 


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