• Dhatu Organic Cow Ghee 250gm

Dhatu Organic Cow Ghee 250gm

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The Dhatu Cow Ghee is made from 100% organic butter from grass-fed cows which freely graze in our farms located in mountainous surrounding of Mysuru. Our ghee is rich in fat-soluble nutrients. It has a smooth and luscious texture and has several health benefits.
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Organics Cow Ghee is made using 100% organic butter from grass-fed cows.
Butter is simmered over low heat.
The milk solids are removed as they form, giving it a smooth and luscious texture.

  • The cow ghee is heat stable and has fat-soluble nutrients and vitamins that help in maintaining good health.
  • It improves bone development
  • It helps weight balance as it promotes digestion
  • It boosts immunity
  • It promotes healthy pregnancy,
  • It improves vision
  • It helps in healing wounds

Ayurveda recommends a spoonful of ghee with hot rice as first bite ignites the agni 'digestive fire'


Rating 5/5 based on 1 reviews

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Organic Ghee delivered at home

Recently I ordered this pure cow ghee. It has a rustic texture & aroma. One of the best of the ones I have used so far ! #buyAgain