• A2 Ghee - 250gm
  • A2 Ghee - 250gm
  • A2 Ghee - 250gm
  • A2 Ghee - 250gm
  • A2 Ghee - 250gm
  • A2 Ghee - 250gm

A2 Ghee - 250gm

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Our A2 ghee is made from milk of indigenous (desi) cows. Prepared using the traditional method where milk is curdled and then hand churned to separate butter. Butter is melted to form ghee. Desi cow milk is known to contain majorly the beneficial A2 Beta Casein protin and hence termed as A2 Ghee.
Country of Origin: India
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We take great care in the ingredient selection and preparation method.
We are committed to making ghee of uncompromising quality.

250 gms Indian A2 Cow ghee is a rich source of vitamin B2, B3 which help build immunity.
It helps improve healthy cholesterol levels, aids healthy weight, keeps skin glowing, and improves digestion.

Richness of A2 desi Cow Ghee): Ghee is a premium cooking oil celebrated for its taste, nutritional benefits, and medicinal qualities. Add spices to ghee when cooking to carry the flavor deep into the food.

Right from the fodder to the cooking temperature, everything  is monitored at this gaushala. If you are looking at taste, texture, color, aroma and packaging all in one product. 


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