• Jaggery Block 1kg
  • Jaggery Block 1kg
  • Jaggery Block 1kg

Jaggery Block 1kg

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100% natural Jaggery Blocks sourced from ethical Organic Farms
Country of Origin: India
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Discover the essence of traditional sweetness with our Jaggery Block, a pure and unrefined delicacy straight from nature's bounty.


Crafted from handpicked organic sugarcane, our jaggery blocks are a testament to purity and quality.

Each block is carefully processed without any additives or preservatives, preserving its rich flavor and nutritional benefits.


Whether you're craving a warm cup of chai with a hint of sweetness or looking to add depth to your culinary creations, our jaggery block is the perfect companion. Packed with essential minerals and vitamins, it not only enhances taste but also nourishes your body. Experience the authentic taste of India with our premium-quality Jaggery Block, and elevate your culinary journey to new heights.


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