• Gol Nakh (Naspati) 1kg
  • Gol Nakh (Naspati) 1kg

Gol Nakh (Naspati) 1kg

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Shelf life -5 to 6 days. Available for sale only in Delhi/NCR
Country of Origin: India
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Gol Nakh (Naspati)  range from small to medium in size and vary in shape from round, globular, conical and squat, to oval with a bulbous base that tapers into a rounded neck. The firm skin can be golden yellow, green, or bronze and may be smooth, have some russeting, or covered in visible lenticels or pores. The flesh is ivory to white and is crunchy, juicy, and creamy with a central fibrous core encasing several small, brown-black seeds. When ripe, Gol Nakh (Naspati) are crisp with a sweet, floral flavor, low acidity, and a fragrant aroma.

Assists in Weight Loss

Pear, due to its low-calorie content, is an excellent addition to a weight-loss diet. It keeps you fuller for longer since it has high fibre content, particularly in the centre, which aids in the treatment of constipation and digestive disorders. 

Avoids Cancer

Because it is high in Vitamin C and A, pear functions as an antioxidant against oxygen free radicals in the human body. 

Fight against Cardiovascular Diseases 

Pear is high in minerals such as salt and potassium. These are essential for increasing blood circulation and for strengthening the cardiac muscles.

Colitis Risk is Reduced

This illness, characterized by intestinal inflammation, is alleviated once more by the high fibre content of pears. By eating half a kilogram of fresh pears preceding each of the three main meals for one week, you can treat your intestinal problems. 


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