• Fresh Coriander Leaves 250 gm

Fresh Coriander Leaves 250 gm

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Shelf life -1-2 days. Available for sale only in Delhi/NCR
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About the Product

  • Coriander leaves are green, fragile with a decorative appearance. They contain minimal aroma and have a spicy sweet taste.
  • Now do not bother wasting time cutting off the roots as we value your money and time and provide you the freshest leafy edible parts .


  • Coriander leaves fight food poisoning and lower blood sugar levels.
  • They relieve urinary tract infections and help in maintaining a healthy menstrual cycle while preventing neurological inflammations and diseases.
  • Tip - Add coriander leaves to boiling water. Let it cool down and then consume it. Drink this water every morning to cleanse the stomach.


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