• Fresh Apple Gala 1kg
  • Fresh Apple Gala 1kg

Fresh Apple Gala 1kg

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Shelf life -10 to 15 days. Available for sale only in Delhi/NCR
Country of Origin: India
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About the Product
  • Apple Gala (3, 4 Nos) are a superior supply of dietary fibre, vitamins A, C and B and trace amounts of Boron.
  • It has a worth of Calories is 80. These are bright red, thin skinned, white fleshed fruits with a mild sweet taste and are native to New Zealand.
  • These are practically resistant to bruising and are sweet.


    • Apples are one of the healthiest fruits. Rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber which keep our digestive and immune system healthy.

      • It contains potassium, which may reduce the chances of a stroke and fiber in apple also regulates digestion and supports healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It contains vitamin C that supports immune system and produces collagen for healthy skin and wound healing.
      • It prevents liver & digestive problems, promotes healthy skin & hair.


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