• Essential Pulses Combo(Pack of 6)
  • Essential Pulses Combo(Pack of 6)

Essential Pulses Combo(Pack of 6)

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Rootz Organics brings a combo of essential Pulses 1. Organic Chickpea (Kabuli Chana) 500gm 2. Organic Red Kidney Beans Rajma Chitra 1kg 3. Organic Split Yellow Lentil/Yellow Moong Dal Split 1kg 4. Organic Green Gram Green Moong whole 1kg 5. Organic Black Chickpea (Kala Chana)- 500gm 6. Organic Split Yellow Pigeon Pea (Toor Dal) - 1kg
Country of Origin: India
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A combo of pulses is a pack of different types of pulses that are commonly used in Indian cuisine. Pulses are edible seeds that belong to the legume family. They include beans, lentils, peas, and chickpeas. Pulses are rich in protein, fibre, iron, and other nutrients. They are also low in fat and cholesterol, making them a healthy choice for vegetarians and vegans.

Some of the benefits of buying a combo of pulses are:
  • You can save time and money by ordering multiple varieties of pulses at once.
  • You can stock up your pantry with different pulses that can be used for various dishes.
  • You can experiment with different recipes and flavours by mixing and matching different pulses.
  • You can enjoy the taste and texture of unpolished and organic pulses that are free from chemicals and pesticides.
This combo contains various types of whole and split pulses such as Arhar dal (split pigeon peas) is used to make dal tadka, sambar, and rasam. Moong dhuli (split yellow mung beans), Moong Sabut/Whole(green),  rajma Chitra(kidney beans),White Chickpea(kabuli chana) & Black Chickpea(kala chana)


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